Rules and Scoring


Crawler Canyon RC Park 2019 classes


2019 classes

Box stock.
1/10 scale “stock” RTR. Can modify STOCK parts or use “updated” parts from the same manufacturer or same material. (No hop up parts). Can change tire/wheel combo from any RTR truck in stock form. Can change servo. Also should they need to replaced, all other electronics would need to be replaced with similar units. No BEC.

No scale trail.
1/10 scale No scale points. Full body (stock honcho/ascender ok) Front bumper at minimum (bumper must extend past leading edge of front tire) Can modify body, must resemble a stock vehicle. Max tire size 4.75 no rear steering or dig.

Tiny truckin
1/10 or 1/12 scale. Must resemble a streetable vehicle. Full body. Front and rear bumpers.   (front bumper must be past leading edge of tire) Leaf spring or coil sprung suspension (no droop). Max tire 4.19 no rear steering or dig.

Tubed out
1/10 scale. Minimum 3/4 frame rail ( frame to back of cab) truggy style or modified trail truck. Body mods allowed. Must have some vehicle resemblance, front half or full body. Minimum frame width  front bumper. ( bumper must extend past leading edge of front tire) Max tire size 4.75 no rear steering or dig.

Anything goes.
Anything from above
1.9-2.2 tires sizes
Keep in mind the Canyon is tight!

All portal trucks fit within the classes above.  There is no specific portal class. You run with everyone else.

Kids class. Kids can run there truck on the course. Help from a parent or guardian is ok. Kids will run the same course as box stock and tiny truckin.

Crawler Canyon RC Park scale points


Crawler Canyon rc Park scale points

For all classes except NO SCALE TRAIL!

Lights -2

Metal bumper -2

Metal sliders -2

Scale items -1 ea up to three items -3 maximum

Driver -2

Winch -2

Interior -4 full interior. Dash, some floor, seat

Spare tire -3

Maximum -20 for scale points. Use them to your advantage in all other classes.

Crawler Canyon RC Park Winter Comp series Penalties!




BOUNDARY (hog plus issue if needed) fall off the course or past boundaries you will get a boundary penalty plus the roll over or whatever the issue was that caused the boundary if there was one and not just driven past. Then by hand the JUDGE will place the truck back to where the issue started

HOG 25



TRAIL REPAIR 20. Electronic reset, body, wheel, pin... small fast (scale trail repairs)

GARAGE REPAIR 40. Any other repairs requiring more time. Need to keep trails moving

THREE ATTEMPT RULE. You get three attempts at clearing a gate. Then you need to move on. Take the gate,winch,assist,hog. ( people are watching ) keep it fair!

DNF. High score for the day. Less 2 points for every gate you cleared prior to being out plus 50 point penalty. ( your best interest to repair or push the truck as far as it will go)

DNS. High score plus 60 points.

Judges are your competitors!